How To Improve Your Minecraft Game


How To Improve Your Minecraft Game


Polish your Minecraft skills with these handy tips and improve your game.


Sleep tight. On your first night make sure your number one priority is to make a bed. You don't want to be caught outside in the dark when the googlies spawn. Make a bed and sleep as soon as it starts to get dark.


Make sure you always use the right tool for the job. Start by making a wooden pickaxe so you can gather cobblestone, then make a set of stone tools. Once you have iron you can upgrade. Make sure you use an iron pickaxe to mine diamonds. Using the wrong tool, to destroy a block is slow and will eventually destroy the tool. 


Don't get lost. Create a map and make a note of where your house is. When exploring a cave leave a trail of torches behind you so you can follow them to get back out. Do the same when exploring the Nether. You can also look at the sun or moon to work out which way is North. When in a cave you can examine the texture of cobblestone to find out which way is North. 


Don't go hungry. One of the first things you should do in a new world is get a good supply of food. The easiest way to get food at first is to find meat. Once you have a house, making a wheat farm should be a top priority. Eventually you can also plant carrots and potatoes. If you want something tastier then make a cake! 


Protect your house from googlies. Keeping the area around your house bright is very important. The googlies only spawn when it's dark. You could also dig a pit around your base that the googlies can't jump over. Setting up traps can also be helpful, just be careful not to get caught in them yourself. 


Get diamonds. Diamonds are probably the most precious and useful item in the game. To find them you need to dig right down to the bottom of the world. It is much easier to find them when in a natural cave but it's safer to find them when digging in a straight line. When you find diamonds, it is best to go home or put them in a chest to make sure they stay safe. 


Learn Redstone. Lots of people are scared to try and learn how Redstone works but it can be really useful. Try experimenting with it to see what it can do. Try making a doorbell or use pistons to make a secret doorway. It can also make very useful things that make your life much easier. 


Get creative. You can get bored of playing Minecraft if you don't have an idea for something to build. If you don't know what to build, try building your house or school. Building giant versions of your favourite characters is fun too. If you still don't know what to build, try watching a video online and try rebuilding what they build but do it in your own style. 


Play with friends. Minecraft can get lonely when playing by yourself. Inviting friends can make it lots more fun. Work on a project together or compete against each other in challenges. If you are on a PC you can go on a server and play with thousands of people. Just be careful to only talk to people that you know in real life. 


Defeat the dragon. Defeating the Ender Dragon is one of the toughest challenges in Minecraft. Before entering The End make sure you are 100% prepared for the battle. Bring lots of food and equipment. You want at least a full set of iron armour, but diamond would be better. You want a bow and lots of arrows. Putting a pumpkin on your head means that the Endermen won't attack you unless you attack them first. You also want to bring blocks that can be used to pile up. Once you enter The End you can't leave until you have defeated the dragon. 


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